About Us

A Truly Local Contractor

Established in 1961, in Las Cruces, NM -Smith & Aguirre Construction Company (Smith & Aguirre) has been constructing our local infrastructure for over 60 years. Our experience in various types of construction, under a multitude of conditions, has awarded us the ability to tackle the most complex and difficult projects with confidence and an unwavering determination of ensuring project success. Our methodical approach to construction has been honed in  over our 60 years of construction knowledge and professionalism.

Our reputation of being a quality contractor is consistently reinforced by the various clients we serve. With all of our projects, we strive to establish a teamwork environment; where the project owner, engineer, contractor, subcontractors, etc. are part of a “Construction Team”, and each member has a common goal of providing the best final project possible. Furthermore, it is the priority of our employees to promote project success, reinforce teamwork, and ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

We are proud our infrastructure projects have been utilized –by not only our fellow citizens -but by our family and friends as well. We genuinely believe in what we do, and that our close attention to detail matters. It is important to us to provide our clients, and the general public, the best possible project we can.

We are the epitome of local. When you contract with Smith & Aguirre your dollars stay local–where we are proud to be for 60 years and counting.